Thursday, 21 January 2010

Woman, India and facts

Hi, How are you doing Venessa, I am Vanita.
Hi, take out my coat, and sit. (She puts her coat in the visitor’s chair, where I supposed to sit). She greeted be back, thanks GOD. Otherwise I am used to all the cold welcomes from these high profile teams and will take the chair without being offered.

I looked at her, she is carrying, may be in 7th or 8th month, and I am a prospective candidate too. So we can definitely talk these things and have a little good conversation to begin with. I asked her ‘how many more months?’, ‘Till December exactly like you’ (I am supposed to complete the project by December and leave the team). ‘ So..Have you started shopping for the baby’ (They do it America, as they have to manage every bit of life independently; they finish of the baby shopping before delivery)
‘Yeah.. I did, it's a baby gal, I love to shop for gals’ (Of course, America is always consumerist)

Now I did the mistake of my life, trying to give a bit out side America. I told her, In India, sex of the fetus will not be revealed. It is not yet legal and common. So we all need to wait till the delivery to determine the sex of the baby.

Yeah…. obviously, in your country they kill the baby gals, and also females in many names.

Are we...really... I just can't accept this as fact!!!!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Living life

Not all the time our print media is praised. But I should praise them today for printing this photo.

I am sitting at my desk, not even bothered to see, what is happening out side, it is just another Friday for me. Finish of the work and go home tired.
This old man, (might have seen many solar eclipse) is so enthusiastic to see what is happening around with child like curiosity. Isn't this called living the life?