Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Papaya Boy

One more memorable trip to Bangalore. The city I always love because of my near and dear ones.
This time I got a chance to spend lot of time with my nephew and got to see better, the imaginary world of a kid.

How natural and genuine they are with what they want. He always want the papaya, plays with papaya and likes all the papaya street vendors. Any story he is telling or listening must have a papaya tree with yellow and green papaya, the papaya vendor near his house (Jaggesh - who always keep the better papaya for Ani..later my sister told me they don't know his real name) and every tree which grow small papaya for him.
If you talk anything apart from papaya, cows, dogs, birds (bulbul, which only eats yellow papaya and leaves the green one for my nephew) or coconut, that's of no worth to listen. After all his world is all real. No artificial toys, puppies or machines.
Every street dog knows him, I think even the birds on the coconut trees know him and listen to him.

No wonder they are smart, and these kids are getting smarter. They are simple, honest, fiercely know what they want (no business school is required for that), know what they want to listen (no meditation is required for that) and perfectly determined in getting the thing in their mind.

That's why the kids are wiser than adults. Aren't they?