Friday, 19 November 2010

Oh Child

I couldn't resist recording it.

This kid has a set idea. Kids who come in the school bus, are not loved by their mother. If the moms won't come on time to pick them up, again they are not loved by thier mother.

So simple yet powerful thought :)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Remembering Paul Calello

I saw Paul in our New York Office. A short American with Swiss look. (Totally my bias:)
My co worker whispered "look at him.. the one with back blazer.. He is Mr. Calello, IB Chairman"
I again saw him that evening near OMA office. I went to my desk and search the MxB profile to know about Mr Calello. A Columbia B- school grad, from Bankers Trust to Credit Suisse First Boston to Credit Suisse Group. Most amazingly the way he navigated the bank in last recession time.
After that whenever we received the corporate communication about Paul, I always read. Some time in 2009 we received an e mail about Paul's illness (non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma) and his reduced engagement in IB division.

And today when I came back to office after 4 days leave, I saw this "remembering Paul" message..shocking though fact. My sincere condolences...

In Mr. Brady Dougan’s words "Paul will be greatly missed. For many of us, the simple and ongoing personal experience of spending time with Paul will be what we remember and miss most. I know I will miss having our informal, walk-in business discussions, sharing a joke or a story, or going for a run together. But what he accomplished in his life was exceptional, and in true Paul fashion, he would not want us to focus on the hole in our hearts today. Instead, I am sure he would want us to focus on celebrating his life and accomplishments, on the many good things he did for all of us, and the fun that we had with him.

Paul Calello was committed to being a positive force in the world. With his extraordinary energy and enthusiasm, he was able to achieve much in the short time he was given. We have lost a great friend, but his spirit will remain part of Credit Suisse. Please join me in saluting Paul and celebrating his remarkable life. "

Columbia B-School set up the "Paul Calello Scholarship Fund" as a way of remembering Paul.

Banking community feels the pain of losing you. Paul you are always remembered.

**I took the title from CS site. I think there could not be any better way of putting it.