Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Food and Comfort

"Oh, yes mamma, everything is set. Just need to figure out some Indian Grocery store or Indian hotel". Told my mom over one of our lengthy conversations.

This place is one of the most beautiful places on earth, so less de-populated, non polluted and at most clean with beautiful, mountain and the beaches. A perfect climate through out the year. But now I am going to write about the food. How we Indians can just never get adopted to any other cuisine than Indian. Hence when we moved to a remote corner of Europe some time before, my prime concern was to set my kitchen right. And of course without Indian spices and grains it looked so incomplete. My persuit to impress the tongue, made me think about the tastes developed particularly for food. No bar for language/city/climate but I badly mis my own comfort food I grow up with.

Eating habits are influenced by climate and geography. People ate those fruits/grains/grams locally. Used the oil prepared by the nuts which are in abundance in that region.

When eating or food open up to more than survival need, people started exploring more and more cross border food and the cuisine art developed in to a passionate eating habit.

With all the exploration the comfort food has not changed a bit. Its stays where it was. The food you eat and grown up stood always at the top.
And the comfort food makes the life so much more comfortable.

Well .. I will write about the beautiful place some time soon.