Monday, 25 April 2011

Mumbai - amchi Mumbai

Came back to stay in Mumbai (though for a short while) after one and half years. Mumbai is absolutely the same, not even changed a bit!!

Cost and the taste of the samosa at Brijwasi, paani puri at Lokhandwala, metro construction all are the same. Some for good and and some not for so good.

There are so many good things about Mumbai.. oh common, you have not so good things about all the places across the globe. Well...Mumbai is the combination of ambition, beauty and compromising. This hosts the ultra rich people in India at the same time provides the comfort of stay to the poor.

Mumbai is all true colours. From Cuffe parade to Virar, Local trains to Benz.... baar baar... this city is so much beyond believes.

Visit it to Believe it :)

(Will write more about it on my next trip with picturs :)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Excellent team work

This is probably one of the events I witnessed. But the event ever etched in my heart and mind.

My words may fail to explain how beautifully team work was executed and absolutely with no leader or every one being leader.

These people have never attended any leadership programme, neither do no the concept of team work. If I put the Six sigma measure to identify the error percentage, its definitely going to be more than 99.9997%. I feel guilty to use these numbers while talking about them.

Well, that was a whole three day programme of breakfast, lunch and dinner. No one was tired, no one has wrinkled eyebrows, and every one work for all the three days-day and night tirelessly with a huge grin on face.

I miss this huge family of happiness and wish I will be able witness this in future and able to pass on to my next generation.

Few photos of this great occasion.

Look at the smile :)

PS: This was a wedding function in rural India, where people work for people and money plays very minimalist role.