Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Life loves

A wonderful trip to Niagara. It's bliss to go near rain-fall, completely being wet with mist... a beauty one can capture with mind and soul. Pictures/videos can never do justice. I stopped clicking the photos. My words do fail to explain the state of roaring water, rainbows from the mist...I once thought how lucky the people who work in the tower of Niagara falls state park. :)
While climbilng up, I was thinking about visiting other wonders of nature. Nature and its beuty can never even be compared with anything man made. Nature is really soothing.
This is how Niagara looks like in my camera-eye.
One of the several rainbows...
This beautiful dream turned into harsh reality, when the tourist bus met with a nasty accident.
I was dumbfounded with the conflicting thoughts. Is it a good experience or a bad experience!!!!

It looks like, life tells me again and again "I love you. Never give up :)".