Sunday, 17 June 2012

Domestic Violence

There are constant pressures of performance on both the sides. For men and women.  The parameters set to prove what and who they are amazes me many times. Why and what is the need? Whom to prove and who really cares and requires these. And the adopted behavioural patterns and obvious choice of actions (though never could think these kinds of measures do exist) horrified me. And, yes talking about the wife beating in India or /and domestic violence.

I was watching  a television show in the morning and one of the Indian citizen telling that beating wife is a very masculine act. Oops...did I hear right.  What is the point in building the family on the foundation of force, violence and pain. What i the point in showing things which are absolutely not required/asked for. What is the point in making your own spouse feel insecure with you.

There are a number of causes or reasons for a woman to feel insecure in her own house.  And majority of them are inherited (like dowry, alcohol, upbringing of the child etc)  and some are new. (I think I am scared to accept that fact as I cant not think of any fix for that straight. Women - may be a mother or sister or wife) ...and  domestic violence seems to be so much more than husbands beating or abusing their wives .

Beating/abusing  the female society for wrongs seems so right to men? OMG.. Are we so judgemental in deciding rights and wrongs or its just the case of pure anger management?  Or its just irrational view of life?

So sad to witness this in the country where the women is worshipped as goddess lakshi/saraswati, where the happiness of the women are treated equally with the heavens beauty. I am so proud to be a woman and proud to say women are the most rational people on earth. Also proud that women never resorted to any of the violent means to prove their worth. I applaud all people raising their voice against domestic violence and working to improve the victims life.

**Was watching an episode of "Stayameva Jayate" an Indian television show on domestic violence and penned my thoughts.